Halloween Art ~ Pumpkin Handprints, Handprint Ghost, Thumbprint Bats

fun kids halloween craft, handprint pumpkins, handprint ghost, thumbprint bat
What a fun Halloween decoration for the house! For the Handprint Pumpkins, just paint the palm orange and press it down. For the Handprint Ghost, paint the hand white and press it down in a closed position (if possible). Use black fingerprints for the eyes and a black thumbprint for the mouth. For the bats, I placed my son's thumbprints to make the body and then painted on the wings.

Check out the FOOTPRINT GHOSTS and HANDPRINT SPIDER we made last year!

1 comment:

arwenart said...

Aww, so cute! =) I've been meaning to make some ghosts for the past few days. The Jack-o-lanterns are really cute!

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