Halloween Handprint Candy Corn Art

Handprint Candy Corn, Toddler Halloween Craft 
I thought it would be cute to make Handprint Candy Corn with my little guy. I painted his fingertips white, the middle yellow, and the bottom of the palm orange (the orange should actually be in the middle and yellow on the bottom). When it dried, I outlined each handprint with black paint and wrote Happy Halloween with orange paint. It would also be cute to write Trick-or-Treat. I brushed over the black outline and the words with a gold glitter glue.

It looks so neat in person! The picture doesn't showcase how pretty the glitter looks.


Dawn said...

This is so cute! I love the ghost and bat one too. I'm going to use one of these for a Halloween card for the grandparents.

arwenart said...

I love the candy corn prints! So cute =D

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