Hand and Foot Craft Ideas

There are so many possibilities when it comes to make hand and foot crafts ~ don't just limit your self to paper! I have see really cute bibs that are plain at the dollar stores that are just screaming to have a little hand or foot on it! I have also seen plain baby blankets (usually fleece) there as well- such a unique keepsake. Very inexpensive as well, all you need is a few fabric paints. Try adding a little water to the fabric paint to help the print turn out better. It would also be cute to place handprints or footprints on a hand towel ~ picture the FOOTPRINT SNOWMAN on a hand towel to give to Grandma for Christmas. T-SHIRTS also make a good keepsake or gift for Father's Day, etc. I love putting his artwork in picture frames for use as a gift or a decoration for the home. I put his MOTORCYCLE FOOTPRINT in a giant frame with pictures of my son related to the theme (so cute!). I plan to make a handprint/footprint animals wall hanging soon as well. I plan to either use a canvas or some kind of sturdy paper like card stock (and then framed). It will most likely be jungle animals since my son's bedroom is a jungle theme. You could also paint on ceramics. So far, I have done a MUG, PLATE, and TILE. My favorite keepsake is the handprint quilt. Every year you add a different handprint. I have also seen local art studios for children do birthday ones. The birthday kid has a party at the studio and each kid makes a handprint for the birthday child to have made into a quilt~ so fun!

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