Handprint Fruit ~ English and Spanish Project

handprint apple, handrint orange, fingerprint grapes, fingerprint blueberries
My son's favorite food is fruit ~ especially grapes! This was a very fun project for him to do since he understood what we were making. He also knows how to say apple and sign grapes so he was very proud to communicate what he saw to me. I also am trying to teach my son Spanish as well as learn it myself since my husband is Hispanic. I labeled each fruit in English and in Spanish.

To make the handprint apple: use red or green paint and just paint the palm of the hand. When it dries, add in the stem, leaf, and outline it. In Spanish, apple is manzana. To see how to sign apple, click HERE.

To make the orange: paint the palm of the hand orange and outline when dry. Orange in Spanish is naranja (it is the same for the color). To see how to sign orange, click HERE.

To make the blueberries: paint the pointer finger blue and make a buch of blue dots. Blueberries in Spanish is arandano. To see the sign for blueberries, click HERE.

To make the grapes: paint the pointer finger or thumb either purple or green. Make dots in a shape that resemble a bunch of grapes on a stem. Uvas in the translition for grapes in Spanish. To see how to sign grapes, click HERE.

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Tati said...

What an adorable blog and idea to show all the cute artwork using hands and fingers! I love it! I will be coming back and doing some of these with my girls!

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