Heart-Shaped Footprint Butterfly

Footprint Butterfly with Heart Wings

I have been seeing heart-shaped butterflies on various websites and thought it would be cute to make the body with a footprint. My son always wants his feet painted so I knew it would be a fun project for him. I placed his red footprint in the center of the paper and then drew outlines for the heart-shaped wings. I painted the purple area first and left it to dry. Then, I painted the pink area and let my son shake glitter all over it. A variation would be to cut construction paper hearts in 2 colors (or however many you wish) or use glue for the glitter to stick to. I used the heart foam stickers I had to decorate the butterfly with... heart-shaped eyes, antennas, mouth, and nose!

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Moira-Lin said...

This is so cute. I think doing handprints for the wings would be SO cute too. Then you would have hands and a footprint. I love all your ideas. Thanks! :)

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