Handprint Flowerpot for Mother's Day

I made this adorable Handprint Flowerpot keepsake with my son for Mother's Day. We made a similar one a year and a half ago and it was fun to see how much his little hands have grown since then. It even has a cute poem to go with it!

Handprint Flowerpot - Mother's Day Craft
For this handprint project, you will need a bigger piece of paper- I used 12 x 12 card stock (I was able to fit the one I made when my son was a year old on regular-sized construction paper). 

Place 2 green handprints in the center of the page.

Next, cut a flowerpot shape from a sheet of construction paper. Glue it underneath the green handprints.

Add some wavy, green stems.......

.... and then paint in leaves ( it might also be cute to use fake leaves from the craft store).

After the green paint has finished drying, add in the centers of the flowers. I made these using my son's thumbprints (or fingerprints) dipped in blue, orange, and purple.

For this next step, keep in mind that gentle presses make more of a circular shape and harder presses will form more of an oval shape. I dipped my son's thumb (or you could use a finger) in yellow paint and pressed it firmly down in 4 spots around each of the flower centers. 

Repeat with the rest of the flowers.

To finish, I used glitter glue to write in Happy Mother's Day!, the year, and the line inside the leaves (see 1st photo).

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welcome to our wonderland said...

I LOVE This!!! so cute!!! I'm making this with my girls I'll linky back to your awesome site!!!

if you get a chance check out my blog

jennwa said...

That is super cute.

Miller Moments said...

This is so cute! We may do this and make them into cards for the grandma's for Mother's Day. Thanks for the great idea!

Kylie said...

oh I love this. am going to get my kids to do them for their grannies. :)

angee said...

So cute! I will be linking tomorrow!

I love all your ideas! You continue to amaze me!

carly@LearningParade said...

How lovely; a great tutorial with straightforward steps!
I'm so glad that I found your blog via the Crafty Crow! :)

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