Handprint and Fingerprint Art Books

Looking for inspiration? Check out the following books on making arts & crafts from handprints, footprints, fingerprints, and thumbprints! Please note: If there are some images that aren't showing up right away, please refresh the page 1 or 2 times. Please click the image to read more about each item...... Happy Browsing!

Handprint Crafts & Hand-Shaped Art Books
Hand-Shaped Art: Start with the Shape of a Young Child's Hand

Fingerprint & Thumbprint Books

Printoons & Other Fingerprint/Thumbprint Activity Kits

Fun supplies to have when making handprint, footprint, & fingerprint art & crafts!

*Disclaimer: I participate in the Amazon Associates program.


PugLove said...

Those look really cute!

~Issy said...

Thank you so much for sharing the titles of these books! I have one of the fingerprint books, but i'll be ordering two of the ones your posted! :)

Fire Wife Katie said...

My daughter loves her fingerprint book! :)

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