Footprint Ghost Halloween Shirt - Keepsake Craft

How to make a Footprint Ghost Halloween Shirt {tutorial}

I thought it would be fun to make Halloween Shirts with my son this year. We made ours using a plain white t-shirt that had a tiny stain on it and dyed it green. You could also use a colored shirt, but I couldn't find one in his size that was green. The next day we decorated it by making footprint ghosts and a handprint pumpkin. This was my 1st time using acrylic paint on fabric. It worked okay, but I like using fabric paint better since t doesn't dry quit as stiff.

To make the ghosts, I painted my son's foot white and pressed it on the shirt to make a footprint ghost body. The acrylic paint dried too fast before pressing it on to the shirt so I ended up having to to fill in gaps on one of them afterwards. The eyes are made with his fingerprints and the mouth is made with his thumbprint.

To make the Handprint Pumpkin, I painted just the palm of his hand orange and pressed it down. I used black fabric paint with a tip to draw in the pumpkin's face and to write Boo!

Handmade Halloween Shirt - footprint ghosts, handprint pumpkin

Making a handmade shirt makes a great holiday craft that is usable and also makes an awesome keepsake! Have you made any Halloween shirts in the past?

Check out the DIY Handprint Spider Tie Dye Shirt we also made!



Bella said...

Amanda this is really cute, and your son is the cutest little model ever. I love seeing his expressions when posing for all these pics. Some of my most favorite, precious art from my kids are def the ones where their little hands or feet were involved. Thanks for sharing, and linking up to **6 weeks 2 Spook** SUper happy to have you back, and looking forward to more fun stuff coming from you!! Bella :)

mousee23 said...

Wonderful and when it gets too small you can turn it into a cute pillow

The LadyBugs Garden said...

I love this idea..Your blog is great and these are keepers!!

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