Handprint Dove - Peace Day Craft

This Handprint Dove is a great craft to make for the International Day of Peace (September 21st), World Peace Day (November 17th), as well as Martin Luther King Day. It was inspired by a design that I saw in the book Hand-Shaped Art. In the book, they make the dove from construction paper. Since my little guy can't cut with a scissors yet (not very well anyway!), I thought a painted white handprint would be more fun for him. The green leaves are made from his fingerprints.


Gabriela Osborn said...

Great idea! I will pass this on to my co-workers. It is a lovely craft to do on Sept.21st! Thanks so much for sharing!

Dawn Lindsey said...

I did the dove hand print with my daughter. I have a facebook preschool page where I post our activities. I have put a link to your blog siting my idea came from here :) thank you for the cute idea. https://www.facebook.com/dawnsdesigns22

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