Handprint Snowman Ornament with Poem

This Handprint Snowman Ornament is the perfect Christmas Keepsake. We made one 2 years ago when my son still had his chubby baby fingers. It was so much easier this year since I was able to tell him to grab onto the ornament with his painted hand and count to 5 before letting it go. Don't forget to put the year or age on somewhere as well.

Check out this adorable Handprint Snowman Poem I posted about last year thanks to a reader mentioning it:

These aren't just five snowmen
As anyone can see.
I made them with my hand
Which is a part of me.
Each year when you trim the tree
You will look back and recall
Christmas of [year]
When my hand was just this small.

How neat is it that someday this ornament will be hanging on his own Christmas tree!



Ewa said...

I love this idea, my son is 15month old and probably ready to do this. I have a question. What type of paint did you use to make the print? The poem is also cute. Lots of love. Ewa

Beth said...

I have been doing this project with my preschool class for about 7 years now. I have never seen it anywhere else until just now. My parents love the gift and I hear often that it brings back wonderful memories every year when they unpack the ornaments. Love it...

Trish Barnes said...

I tried this but with a washable poster paint and it flaked off please tell me what kind of paint you have tried

artsy_momma said...

I have used Acrylic Paints and Enamel Paints in the past..... if you use those with kids, please make sure they are wearing a smock or old clothes that you don't mind getting ruined. Also, if doing with more than one kid I recommend doing just one child at a time to keep any mess by you and so the other kids do not attempt to eat it, paint other things, etc.

Alternatively, you could try spraying the washable poster paint with a clear gloss sealent spray after it is completely dry and it should help with the flaking. I have found that the enamel paint seems to work the best and doesn't flake. :) Good Luck!!!

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