Handprint Monkey on a Vine

Last month, we made a Handprint Monkey swinging on a vine. It is pretty easy to make!

  1. Start by making a brown handprint or whatever color you wish.
  2. Make a tan (any color) thumbprint at the tip of the thumb. This is where you will eventually draw in the nose and mouth.
  3. Make the monkey feet/hands by making a fingerprint at the tip of each finger.
  4. Make the ears by pressing a pinkie fingerprint on each side of the thumb just above where you made the tan thumbprint.
  5. Paint on a tail.
  6. Add any other decorations or leave it as is. We made a vine for the monkey to swing from!
  7. After it finishes drying, add in facial features and any other details.
Check out the Footprint Monkey we also made.

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Anonymous said...

Super cute! I haven't seen this before.

Anonymous said...

Love this!!!!

Mandi said...

What a cute idea! My sons would LOVE to do this! Even my littlest guy would love doing this one. Thanks for the great idea!

I'm happily following your blog, and would love it if you stopped by mine to say hi!

RedTedArt said...

Oh my. This monkey is ADORABLE!! I love it!!So cute. What a clever idea!

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


Adrianne said...

I think the baby is about to become an artist - SUCH a cute idea!! Thanks for sharing, found you at Crystal & Co.

Happy to be your newest follower ~ Adrianne

Selena said...

How fun! I will have to make this with my son, he loves monkeys!

Kristy said...

What an awesome blog! I love hand print art from my kids! Happy to have found you on the Sun Scholars link up! :)

Jackie H. said...

I love this one! Perfect for my little monkeys!

Kristi @ Creative Connections for Kids said...

This is so clever and cute! I'm here from Nurture Store.

Rachel @ Lines Across My Face said...

I love all of these handprint/footprint art ideas. I especially love this monkey (monkey's are my son's favorite animal). I would love it if you would stop by and link this idea up to the new crafty link party I just started at http://linesacrossmyface.blogspot.com/2011/07/craft-link-party-1-cure-for-common.html
:) Rachel

Art For Little Hands said...

thanks for sharing both your ideas at my art party.

luvly said...

Lovely ideas!...you obviously have an amazing imagination!

Anonymous said...

Great idea for counting by fives!!!!

Anonymous said...

What do you use for the paint on the handprints?

artsy_momma said...

I usually use Crayola kids paint :)

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