Egg-citing Easter Crafts made with handprints, footprints, & fingerprints {Round Up}

Aren't baby chick & bunny crafts the cutest? Here is a round up of all kinds of egg-citing Easter crafts- all made with handprints, footprints, and fingerprints:

Easter handprint chicks
handprint, footprint, & thumbprint baby Easter chicks

  1. Thumbprint Baby Chicks Easter Cards
  2. My Cute Little Chickadee Handprint Canvas
  3. Egg-shaped Easter Chick with handprints as wings
  4. Adorable Handprint Baby Chick Craft & Books
  5. Handprint Chick & Thumbprint Chicks
  6. Easter Handprint Kit with Cute Saying
  7. Footprint Chicks

Handprint & Thumbprint Easter Crafts
Easter Bunny Crafts made with handprints & fingerprints
  1. Handprint Easter Bunny
  2. Peeking Bunny Craft
  3. Fingerprint Easter Bunny
  4. Bunny with Handprint Whiskers
  5. Footprint Bunny
Easter Handprint & Fingerprint Art

  1. Handprint Cross
  2. Thumbprint Easter Egg Basket
  3. Handprint Easter Lily Brooch
  4. Handprint Lambs
  5. Fingerprint Carrots
  6. Fingerprint Easter Onesie
  7. Cottonball Handprint Lamb
  8. Handprint Lilly with Poem
  9. Thumbprint Easter Cookies 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ideas!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

They are all so cute! The chicks are my favorite!

Queen Bee (AKA Patty) said...

Great ideas! I totally love handprint crafts! Can't wait to try some of these ideas. Will post picture on my blog

Missy!! said...

I just found your blog.. and I am in LOVE! I use to teach 2nd grade but now I'm a full time Momma.. I can't WAIT until I get to capture my little man's hand / foot prints!

GIna said...

What cute ideas! We'll have to try some carrots and chicks out on the Easter cards that we're making! Thanks for sharing!

artsy_momma said...

Thanks everyone!!!

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