Farm Animal Crafts made with handprint, footprints, & thumbprints + 8 Books!

Farm-themed crafts from our archives:
Footprint Pig & Handprint Chicken ~ farm animal craft for kids

Farm Animal Craft for kids: Footprint Chicks

Footprint Horse craft for kids
Footprint Horse craft for kids

Handprint Baby Chick Craft for kids
Handprint Baby Chick Craft

Footprint Tractor & Thumbprint Baby Chicks

Handprint Cow & Duck farm animal crafts for kids

Mommy & Me Handprint Lamb craft

Thumbprint Turkey Art for Farm or Thanksgiving themed craft

Farm Animal Crafts from other crafty places:
Paper Plate Rooster kids craft
Paper Plate Roosters

Hand-y Rooster Puppet
Handprint Hen
Handprint Hen

Handprint Little Red Hen - Handprint Chicken

Handprint Horse and Cow Craft
Handprint Horse and Cows
also featured on The Frugal Girls 

Handprint Duck - Farm Animal craft idea
Kids Duck Craft

Handprint Sheep or Lamb Farm Animal Craft
Sheep or Lamb made from kids handprints

Peacock Craft made from handprints & fingerprints
Peacock made from handprint & fingerprints

Farm-themed Books for Children:
We love Sandra Boynton Books! At age one, Barnyard Dance was one of my son's favorite and he still wants to read it all the time almost 4 years later. All her books are super cute, but this one gets him up dancing along with the animals and he thinks it's hilarious! Little Sister always has a big grin on her face when we read it. Some are even available in Spanish as well! Here are some of her books that feature farm animals:

Check out our Handprint & Footprint Animals Pinterest Board for even more inspiration! I am linking this post to these crafty parties.

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Becca B. {Ironic Adventures} said...

Okay - this is perfect! My youngest loves anything having to do with the farm. Such adorable crafts - thanks for putting these all together in one place.

Beth ( said...

This is awesome - what a great collection farm hand/foot art! I will be featuring this at TGIF on Friday =-) Thanks for linking up - I always REALLY enjoy your posts!

artsy_momma said...

Thanks Becca!

Yay Beth! Happy to be featured :)

maggy, red ted art said...

Ooh fabulous all better than the next and great for a song of Old McDonald!

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


Kyrstin said...

Such great ideas - thanks for using one of my projects!!!

Anonymous said...

Love them! My lil one isn't 4 months yet but I already know what were doing for his frist bday party.... apple ortchad... and we make homemade invites for my daughters bdays. This would b an awsome ideas to make the invites for his when it gets closer. Bc were doing a farm/tracker them for the apple ortchard.

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