Is there a certain brand of paints you use or recommend? There is! You can read about it in my post about kid-friendly paints.

What are some helpful tips? Check out my post on Great Tips to Make Your Handprints and Fingerprints better.  Also see: Cheap Art Smocks

Where can I store all my beautifully created artwork? See my post on this awesome art portfolio I place my favorites in.

I have seen handprints on coffee mugs, plates, etc. Is there a special paint I need to use? Great question! I wrote a description on painting with enamels that answers just that.

It seems impossible to get my baby's handprint. What do you suggest? I know your frustration! What I have done in the past when my little guy still had his chubby baby hands, is traced his handprint and then painted it in afterwards. You could also trace the hand on constuction paper, scrapbook paper, fabric, etc. The hand is usually more relaxed after the baby has finished eating making it an easier time to try to get a print. Otherwise, baby feet are totally adorable and make such a great print when they are so little yet!

Where do you get all your ideas and inspiration from? I'm glad you asked! I get a lot of my ideas from around the web. Some have been around and used in so many places it's impossible to know where it originated from. I try to always link back to the ones I know sparked my own creation and I always try to put my own spin on them too!

May I link to your blog post? You may! Links to my blog and it's post are always welcome! No need to let me know, although I would love to hear if you were inspired by something you saw on this blog.

May I use your images for use on my own blog/site? All text and images are © Copyright www.funhandprintart.blogspot.com 2009-2012. However, you may use 1 photo for your blog as long as the watermark stays in place and you link back to the post. If you would like to use more than one, please email Amanda at artsy_momma_blogs@yahoo(dot)com. You may not reprint any of the text without written permission. If you would like to see about reprinting any of the text, please email me.
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 3 Tips on Blog Etiquette 

Why do you blog? I love to share ideas, but most importantly, it is like an online journal that is so much easier to keep up with than a scrapbook (plus no little fingers grabbing at the scissors, glue, and everything else!) One day I hope to turn the blog into a book to cherish forever.

I hope you will be inspired by our projects.....
                                                 Thanks for stopping by to check out our blog!
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